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Thursday, October 25, 2018

9 years later...

For some reason hidden in the deepest of my subconscious I picked this old file after 9 years of hiatus. Yeah, nobody uses blogspot anymore but nethack is still fun. I don't know if when nor if I'll ever touch this project again, but here's a considerable update with some drastic facelifts on the dungeon's looks. I would like to hear opinions on the textured floor. Keep in mind that this is still far from finished so there's a lot of the old tiles still but at least I made the changes to make it compatible with Nethack 3.6.1. Enjoy it (or maybe not).

Sunday, October 18, 2009

25 new tiles!

Second release, 25 more tiles added. Added nymphs, orcs, prehistoric animals, piercers, leocrotta and the wumpus. I didn't know what a wumpus was, I googled it and found it is from a classic computer game from the 70's named Hunt the Wumpus. I made the tile based on my interpretation of the game sprite. I had a little difficulty on the nymphs, not on making the sprite but in the concept, particularly on the mountain nymph. I didn't know how the mountain type could differ from the wood type. After some frustrated tries I came up with the idea of making her hair look like clouds, after that I felt inclined to play with the other nymph's hair too. After all I was satisfied with the result. Good hacking!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

First release - v0.06

I decided to release a usable version to the public, so anybody who wants can see it in the game and say what they think about it. Criticism are welcome (the constructive type). I have only the first 68 tiles made so what am I releasing? It's the default 32x32 tileset with my done tiles substituted. I don't mean to harm any directs of the game developers, but I think this is the only way of making it available for public use. The image is in PNG format, you must save it to BMP format in order for the game to recognize it. Enjoy it! Or not...

New tileset - Work in progess

I'm currently working on a new 32x32 tileset for Nethack. Why? Well, I think Nethack is a so great game that it deserves more polished graphics (with all the respect to the developers). I also feel that many people don't be interested in the game because of it's appearance. I am trying to make good-looking tiles while still being coherent to Nethack's universe.
I made 68 tiles until now. The total number for a complete Nethack tileset is 1057 tiles so, it's still on the very beginning and there's a long, very long road to go. But I hope to finish it as soon as possible.

Hello, world!

Hi! This blog is dedicated to all fans of pixel art and Nethack (and other geek-related stuff).