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Sunday, October 18, 2009

25 new tiles!

Second release, 25 more tiles added. Added nymphs, orcs, prehistoric animals, piercers, leocrotta and the wumpus. I didn't know what a wumpus was, I googled it and found it is from a classic computer game from the 70's named Hunt the Wumpus. I made the tile based on my interpretation of the game sprite. I had a little difficulty on the nymphs, not on making the sprite but in the concept, particularly on the mountain nymph. I didn't know how the mountain type could differ from the wood type. After some frustrated tries I came up with the idea of making her hair look like clouds, after that I felt inclined to play with the other nymph's hair too. After all I was satisfied with the result. Good hacking!


  1. Woh! it's a really nice work so far!
    I Didn't know about this project. It's looking good. Will the tileset be released as GPL?

    I never liked Vulture's eye, because of the isometric view and the size (one single room takes almost the whole screen!).

    Your tiles are looking very good and still 32x32 which is perfect! thanks.

  2. If you mean release it for free, yes, I will. I don't like vulture's eye very much too. I prefer the Slash'em oblique perspective, would be nice to have that in original Nethack. Maybe in some very far future I will make a Slash'em tileset too. Glad you like it, it's good to have some feedback here.

  3. hey keep it up! these are great. if you can give them all that cool, super deformed, iconic style like the mind flayer icon this will be a top set! love it.

  4. I love the new style! The game doesn't take itself too seriously, so the comic book, fun style of your tiles fits NetHack perfectly!

  5. Yeah, at first I really thought I'd like Vulture's Eye, but found I just couldn't play it for more than a few minutes.

    By contrast your 32x32 alternative is just the kind of thing I'm looking for! Now if I can figure out an easy, foolproof way to map some of your artwork onto SLASHem's tiles...

  6. I'm curious about the licence for these tiles. Are they only for personal use, or can they be re-released? LGPL? Creative Commons? Giftware / zlib

  7. Arggh! If only these had been finished!


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